Numbers: Cruz returns with team on roll


The Rangers will get Nelson Cruz back tonight. What does that mean? Well, since he's been out, the Rangers are 12-4. So certainly they've figured out a way to win without him. That's a good thing, since Cruz and Vladimir Guerrero were carrying this team on offense for most of the first few weeks of the season.

His comeback is important when you consider the offense is still struggling to find some consistency at times despite scoring more runs of late. ESPN Stats & Information took a look at what the team did with Cruz out. It's actually pretty good. Just think of how much better they should be with a full lineup that includes Cruz and Ian Kinsler together for the first time this season.

Rangers Without Cruz in Lineup (since and including April 27). ML rank in brackets.

W-L: 12-4 [1st in winning percentage]

Runs PG: 5.1 [8]

BA: .274 [7]

OPS: .753 [10]

SB: 17 [3]

Pitching, of course, is a big reason for the club's success since Cruz went on the DL. Check out these numbers since April 27.

ERA: 3.16 [4]

Opp OPS: .644 [4]

Save chances: 12 [1]