UTA's Choice to be high choice at draft

ESPN.com's Keith Law did a blog entry about UTA's Michael Choice. Law thinks Choice will be one of the top-10 picks in next month's draft. That makes it unlikely the Rangers would get a chance to grab him. Some of Law's thoughts:

Choice's swing is geared for home runs and he will hit moonshots, especially with metal, often clearing the street beyond the left field fence at UTA's park, according to area scouts. I wasn't treated to that kind of show but did see a swing with excellent leverage which, combined with Choice's upper-body strength, is going to continue to produce power with wood. It's a busy swing, however, with a lot going on in his lower half, from excess leg movement to an early, severe shift forward with his hips, so making contact against better-quality pitching while swinging a wood bat is going to be a challenge. He hasn't faced great competition this spring and is walked, intentionally or unintentionally-intentionally, very frequently, so some of his massive walk total is a function of his environment rather than his patience. (Lamar was beating UTA 6-0 when Choice came up with two outs in the fifth, and when the count reached three balls, they just chose to walk him. Since Lamar ended up winning 22-3, I'm going to call that some serious over-managing.)

Choice is strong and has gotten his body into better shape than it was in last summer, but he's not staying in centerfield and I don't see the body aging well into his late 20s or early 30s. He's got an average arm and could probably handle right if he tweaks his throwing motion, as he gets under the ball sometimes and underthrows.