Darren's Diary: Extras, Labatt and customs

Editor's note: This week, Rangers reliever Darren O'Day discusses his club's trip north of the border (yes, he remembered his passport), all the long and close games the team has been playing and his love of Labatt Blue Light.

Today we're Heading home from Toronto after being swept pretty handily. We struggled a little bit in all phases of the game. Hopefully getting back to Dallas will turn things around for us.

I haven't seen any concrete stats, but I would be willing to bet we lead the league in close games and extra inning games. In our recent series with the A's, two of three games involved free baseball. From a relief pitcher's perspective, extras are tense. As I wrote about earlier in the year, the stakes are higher, and every pitch counts. Since we have played so many tight games our bullpen has been pitching quite a bit. A problem arises when you have too many in a short span, because guys are asked to pitch more frequently with less rest than usual.

A manager will usually run through his late inning short relievers early in extras. After they are expended, the long guy has it from there. Having been a long guy in 2008, I know what it's like to be last man standing. When you look over at the other pen and see they have three or four guys left, it gets even more exciting.

One good thing Canada may not be renowned for is its solid beers. You can't go wrong with any Labatt or Molson product. Labatt Blue Light might just be the nectar of the Gods. I didn't venture out into the city much this trip, but I do enjoy Toronto. It has a Boston feel to it. Getting up here is a long process because we have to pass customs beforehand. Luckily, we have the best traveling secretary in the league, Chris Lyngos, to coordinate all the details for us. As his name indicates, his ancestors were great Spartan warriors, which explains how he manages to get everything done.