Fantasy GM: What's your offer for Oswalt?

Someone emailed me wondering if now that MLB has agreed to loan the Rangers $21.5 million while the club is in bankruptcy and attempting to expedite this sale to the Chuck Greenberg-Nolan Ryan group, whether the team's odds of landing Roy Oswalt went up.

I don't think the increased funds mean the chances get better. I do think it means the club has some flexibility at the deadline. But how much depends on when this entire court battle is completed. If it's done by July 9, then the club could come out of bankruptcy and be under Greenberg control, giving them some financial flexibility at the deadline. I can't think other MLB owners would be pleased to have the Rangers spending MLB money to get better at the deadline. But what choice do the Rangers have if this sale isn't completed?

As for Oswalt, the club must decide if he's worth paying for the remainder of his $15 million this season, $16 million next season and a $2 million buyout for 2012. That's a lot of money. Oswalt is a top pitcher, but he has had back concerns in recent seasons. And it would cost some pretty good prospects.

But for fun, let's say the money wasn't an issue. What package would you be willing to put together to land Oswalt? Remember, you'll have to part with at least one top pitching prospect, I would think. So be creative, but be realistic.