Notes on the Rangers' offense

Here are some more numbers from ESPN Stats & Information regarding the Rangers' offense so far this season as they head into the weekend series at Target Field against the Twins.

* The Rangers have been one of the most aggressive teams at the plate this season, and they’ve also lacked plate discipline as they are chasing the highest percentage of pitches among AL teams. A look:

-- Their swing percentage of 46.1 percent ranks second in the AL behind the Blue Jays.

-- Their chase percentage of 26.6 percent is the highest in the AL.

* Last year the Rangers relied heavily on the longball to generate runs, but that is not the case this year. Some numbers:

-- Last year, they scored 42.1 percent of their runs by homers, which ranked first in the AL and second in the majors behind the Phillies.

-- This year, they have scored just 33.9 percent of runs from homers, ranked 13th in MLB and sixth in the AL.

-- It’s worth noting that their scoring from homers has increased in May: in April, they scored just 27.5 percent of runs by HR (22nd in MLB and 11th in AL); in May they have scored 39.2 percent of runs by HR (eighth in MLB, fourth in AL).

The Rangers are relying more on “smallball” to advance runners and score.

-- They lead the league in sacrifice hits with 21.

-- They are ranked third in the league in sacrifice flies with 16.

* The Rangers are also one of the top baserunning teams in the league.

-- Their 46 steals is the third-most in the AL; however they have only been successful on 69.7 percent of attempts, ranked ninth in the league.

-- They have taken an extra base 42 percent of the time, ranked third in the league.

-- They have scored from second base on a single 34 times, third-most in the AL.