Two quick notes about tonight's starters

We'll get to the mound matchups a little later today, but ESPN Stats & Information provided these interesting notes on tonight's game between the Rangers and White Sox. Check it out:

* Gavin Floyd does not find success on his first pitch to batters, with the league hitting .536 on first pitches off him, nearly .200 points higher than the league average. Two of the Rangers best hitters, Elvis Andrus and Vladimir Guerrero crush first pitches. Andrus is hitting .500 on first pitches and showing discipline while doing it, as he only chases 4% of first pitches out of the strike zone. Vlad is also hitting .500 against first pitches and has stuck to his free-swinging ways, taking only 32% of first pitches in the strike zone, with the league average sitting at 56%.

* While most pitchers enjoy pitching ahead in the count, Scott Feldman of the Rangers does not fall in that category. When Feldman has two strikes on a hitter, batters are hitting .261 off him, over .70 points higher than the league average. He isn’t much better when he’s ahead in the count, as opposing batters are clocking in at .263. Alex Rios of the White Sox may be in for a big night, as he’s 4 for 13 off Feldman in his career and hits surprisingly well when behind in the count at .250, .42 points higher than the league average.