UTA's Choice works out for Rangers, Padres

ARLINGTON -- UTA's Michael Choice said he's worked out for the Rangers and Padres over the last week. He added that a handful of teams have shown interest and that he has no idea where he might land in Monday's draft.

He's projected as a top-half of the first round power hitter. ESPN's Keith Law projects him 10th to Oakland in his latest mock draft. That means he might not be around at No. 15 for the Rangers.

"I’m anxious," Choice said. "I’m looking forward for it to be over so I know what team is going to take me. I thought I had some ideas, but now it’s up in the air."

Choice said he worked out for the Rangers last weekend after he returned from his conferenece tournament. Since he got in late, he only hit instead of also taking fly balls and throwing. He said he met with several members of the Rangers' staff. Choice worked out for the Padres a few days ago.

"I think both teams wanted to get one last look," Choice said.

Choice went to high school in Mansfield and said he'd love to play for the Rangers. But at this point, he's happy with any team. He just wants to get his career started.

"It would be an honor just to be picked," Choice said.

He plans on watching Monday's draft with some friends and family at his parents' home.

So how does Choice feel his season at UTA went?

"I feel like it went really well," Choice said. "It was a tough one in that I wanted to hit a lot and didn't get much to hit. I feel like I needed to work on the finer tweaks of every tool. As of right now, I want to make more consistent contact. It had more to do with being over anxious. It was pitch selection mainly. I got pitched around a lot, so a lot of times I would swing at pitches that weren’t strikes."

He learned from the experience and made some adjustments. He also focused on his defensive work, especially the routes he was taking to balls and recognizing what balls would do right off the bat.