Rangers' MLB Draft: Day 3

Day two of the draft was largely uneventful for the Rangers - not a lot of flashy names or exorbitant bonus demands - but they were happy with the day. After starting off with three more high school players, they went old school Grady Fuson style and loaded up on college talent with 14 of their next 15 picks. The first of those was Georgia RHP Justin Grimm, a big arm whose numbers didn't match his ability.

A notable pick finished the day for Texas, as they popped Arlington Martin's Brian Ragira, a promising outfielder who is expected to attend Stanford. If Ragira develops his offensive game as expected in college, he could be a first round pick in three years.

MLB will conclude the draft today (starting any moment) with rounds 31-50. While this is certainly the least significant day, the late rounds can always bear fruit. Some notable players that the Rangers have drafted and signed from the 30th round on:

Danny Ray Herrera, 45th-2006

Scott Feldman, 30th-2003

Travis Hafner, 31st-1996

Danny Patterson, 47th-1989

Jeff Frye, 30th-1988

Robb Nen, 32nd-1987

Paul Kilgus, 43rd-1984

Kenny Rogers, 39th-1982

Walt Terrell, 33rd-1980