Scheppers, Beltre on ESPN fantasy list

Jason Grey, who specializes in fantasy baseball for ESPN.com, takes a look at 10 prospects that could make an impact in 2010. He's only worried about this year with this list. Here's what he says about Tanner Scheppers and Omar Beltre, who he lists as starting pitchers at No. 9.:

Depending on the progression of the team's bankruptcy proceedings, the club might not have the financial flexibility to add starting pitching to a staff that has seen its depth depleted lately. In that case, it might have to look within, perhaps to one of these two hurlers. Scheppers, who has the bigger upside, is still getting stretched out, having made three starts of around four innings each. I wrote about him in more detail in this June 3 blog, and there's now more of a spotlight on Scheppers' progress in upping his pitch count beyond the 65 to 70 range. I've mentioned his teammate Beltre in the past, and he has been getting stretched out recently as well. Both pitchers are options to help the team in relief down the stretch if needed, similar to what Alexi Ogando is doing now.