Hurdle is master motivator and texter

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler's phone vibrates at least once a day with a text message from hitting coach Clint Hurdle.

Normally, it's a famous quote from someone -- a coach, athlete, philosopher -- to help get him going.

"He hits every avenue there is to motivate," Kinsler said. "He shoots us a text every day. A Vince Lombardi quote or something. Some kind of motivational thing. Guys either read it or get it off their phone and maybe read it later or they never read it. But he’s going to take the opportunity to maybe hit a string with someone. That’s his goal. He’s constantly trying to say something that triggers someone to maybe get it going. If a guy is struggling, he'll help trigger something in his brain to help him get it right."

Hurdle has been known as a tireless worker throughout his career. The Rangers are seeing that first hand. He's in the cages all the time or looking at video or out on the field for some one-on-one or group instruction.

"He works with the rookies and the guys that aren’t superstars a lot more than he works with the superstars," Kinsler said. "He trusts the players that have done things in the game and have done well and have confidence in themselves. He trusts those guys. But he also trusts those guys to come to him when they’re not feeling right."

Outfielder Josh Hamilton said there's no chance Hurdle walks into a room without everyone knowing.

"He's the loudest human being alive," Hamilton said. "He’s a good encourager and a good teacher. He’s very positive. He’ll point out some negative, but in the end, he’s always positive. It’s a tear down, build back up process. He’s very approachable. That makes a good combination for a coach, someone who can give you constructive criticism and be positive and at the same time be approachable."

You can bet Hurdle's cell phone was draining some battery time sending out texts over the three-day break to keep his guys relaxed and ready for the second half. That starts tonight in Boston.