Rangers react to Jorge Cantu news

ARLINGTON, Texas -- With Ian Kinsler on the DL with a groin pull, the Rangers finally had a catalyst to make a move to upgrade their infield.

Kinsler said he's happy with the result of the upgrade, new teammate Jorge Cantu.

"[Cantu] is a consistent bat," Kinsler said. "He's a guy who's going to give you a good at-bat and we're happy to get him. He's a good addition to our team."

The addition of the former Marlin will hope to fill what GM Jon Daniels called "one of the bigger holes" on the team, depth and possibly a consistent starter at first base.

But Daniels said it wasn't out of the question to have Cantu fill in for Kinsler at second.

"In normal circumstances, I don't think we'd be looking at [Cantu at second] so much," Daniels said. "The versatility having played the middle of the diamond in the past was kind of an attractive footnote, but it wasn't the reason we acquired him."

If Cantu is to take over at first base, he would be replacing Chris Davis. However, Davis said he's looking forward to Cantu joining the team.

"Hopefully [adding Cantu] means that I'll have more of a chance to adjust up here and get my feet underneath me," Davis said. "He's definitely the guy we were looking to get, and we got him."