Josh Hamilton in the lineup tonight

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Josh Hamilton is in his customary spot in the lineup in left field and said that he did not receive a cortisone injection to help his right knee tendinitis.

Hamilton said he can only receive two of them in the same spot in a year and he wants to be sure that when he gets the final one (he's already had one), it can last him the rest of the season and possibly the postseason. So for now, he'll get treatment on the knee and play through it.

He said he talked with manager Ron Washington last night during the game about whether it would be better, in order to avoid the knee giving out, that he plays in the corners. He moved from center to left field in the fifth inning and was taken out in the seventh.

He's taking more anti-inflammatory drugs now and will simply try to play through it as he has much of the season.

"It's not really a pain issue, it's not something I can't deal with," Hamilton said. "It just gives out on you at times that it need not to give out on you. If it doesn't work right, it's frustrating. It can't really happen, especially in the situation we're in as far as playing in our division and on this road trip and needing to be able to perform baseball functions."

Hamilton and the Rangers will carefully monitor the knee to make sure he can perform at the level he needs to. More on Hamilton later.

BTW, Cristian Guzman and Jorge Cantu are in the lineup tonight. That's coming shortly.