Jorge Cantu adjusting to his new team

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Rangers corner infielder Jorge Cantu wasn't sure what to expect when he showed up in Anaheim to join the Rangers just before the trade deadline.

But Cantu has embraced his role and has made a contribution already. He's 5-for-16 (.313) since becoming a Ranger and has started several games at first base and one at third while Michael Young was the DH. Cantu is expected to play first against most left-handed pitchers down the stretch while Mitch Moreland plays against the righties.

"I've got some added energy all of a sudden," Cantu said. "I think that's from being part of a winning team."

Cantu said he's never been a platoon player in the majors, so he's adjusted his routine a little bit to be fully prepared, whethet that's taking more grounders or some extra time in the batting cages.

"But it's fine with me," Cantu said. "I want to help the team. I'm trying to help Mitch and give him advice and be there and I'm sure Michael will get another day or so and I can help there too."

Cantu said one thing that's made the adjustment easier is the Rangers' clubhouse.

"It's a bunch of good guys that have fun," Cantu said. "There are a lot of professionals in here and they want to win. That makes it easy."