18 in ownership group to finally gather

ARLINGTON, Texas -- While Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan are the faces of the Texas Rangers' new ownership group, they are not the primary investors. That distinction belongs to Bob Simpson, who was chairman of XTO Energy Inc., and Ray Davis, a Dallas billionaire and former co-CEO of Energy Transfer Partners LP.

Those four, though, comprise less than one-fourth of the franchise's total investors -- 18 -- all of whom have yet to meet as a group.

"I'm the only one they've all met," Greenberg said.

That will change Saturday night.

"We are having a get-together tomorrow night," Greenberg said. "So it will kind of be like the first day of school for everyone."

Greenberg said the majority of investors are local or have local ties. Almost all outside the Big Four have remained anonymous. Greenberg said they could soon be made public.

"I just want to be respectful," Greenberg said. "Once we have a chance to do that, if they're comfortable with it, then we'll do that."