Rich Harden gets a personal catcher?

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rich Harden requested that Matt Treanor catch him on Monday night and manager Ron Washington didn't hestitate to pencil Treanor, who was just coming off the disabled list, in the lineup.

"If that's going to make Richard more comfortable and pitch better, he's got Treanor," Washington said.

Treanor said he was "honored" that a pitcher would request him. Treanor caught Harden's last start in Triple-A Oklahoma before he was on the mound Monday.

"We talked about pitching and worked on some things then," Treanor said. "I think there was some comfort there."

Treanor said he felt good on Tuesday and doesn't expect any issues. He caught all nine innings on Sunday, so he was able to fully test himself in back-to-back games and was pleased with the results.