Rangers pitchers taking fielding practice


MINNEAPOLIS -- More than four hours before game time, most of the Rangers pitching staff is on the field -- along with the infielders -- is taking fielding practice, a.k.a. PFP.

Some of the Rangers' pitchers have had issues throwing to first and second at various points (Cliff Lee was particularly upset with himself after a bad throw to second base in his last start in Kansas City). So manager Ron Washington hit ground balls between the mound and first and had the pitchers practice either fielding it and throwing to first or covering the bag for a throw from the first baseman. Then they practiced throwing to second on a comebacker and then throwing to first, third or home on a bunt attempt.

I do not see Lee participating, by the way. But that doesn't mean he's not here. The club probably doesn't want to take any chances with his back this soon after the shot.

It looked like spring training out there. We'll ask Washington how it went a little later today and find out an update on Lee. Stay tuned.