Rays certainly not waving white towel

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Well, to no one's surprise, the Tampa Bay Rays didn't waltz into Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on Friday ready to surrender the ALDS.

Despite being down 0-2, Tampa Bay is trying to focus on simply winning Saturday to keep their playoff hopes alive.

"We just need to create that spark to get us going," infielder Sean Rodriguez said. "We've done that all year. A big hit, a key out, a break going our way. We haven't had that in this series and we need it."

Rodriguez was quick to say that just because the Rangers may have had a call go their way in Game 2 (Michael Young's check swing), doesn't mean the Rays should just shrug their shoulders.

"Calls like that happen in the regular season," Rodriguez said. "A baby can blame the umpires. That doesn't help and isn't fair. When you have adversity, you have to overcome it. That's what we're going to try to do.

"We're very confident we can win three straight games against anyone in the big leagues."

Carl Crawford said the mood of the Rays was unchanged from what it's been all season.

"Believe it or not, it was the same like it always is," Crawford said. "Guys being loud, a lot of music playing, real loose. We really didn't change nothing. We've kept our same approach. And it usually works for us. We'll see tomorrow."