Jeff Francoeur didn't like early start

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Rangers outfielder Jeff Francoeur wasn't pleased about all the various afternoon times the Rangers-Rays series got in the first four games.

"I thought we got hosed yesterday, to be honest with you, with a 12-o'clock start time in the playoffs," Francoeur said. "You shouldn't have that, I don't think. I think that's something that needs to change. It's still the playoffs and you're going to get up, but it's still 12."

Francoeur said he could guarantee that "there will be at least five or six people on this team that won't be up before 12 tomorrow."

Francoeur is glad Tuesday's game is at night. He understands that TV dictates a lot about the start times. But the Cowboys-Titans game also factored into the particularly early time for Sunday's game since both stadiums are near each other and share parking lots.

"I don't think it's so much disrespect," Francoeur said. "We get it. I played in New York this year for the Mets for five months and we played Sunday night baseball four out of the first six weeks. They're going to give it to New York, they're going to give it to Philly and that stuff, but it will be nice to play a night game."