Alexi Ogando whiffs Robinson Cano

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Alexi Ogando shut down the Yankees' seventh-inning rally by striking out dangerous Robinson Cano, who had already doubled and homered. The Rangers staved off another mild threat to hold onto a 7-2 lead.

Working the top of the seventh, Ogando got off to a worrisome start when he walked Derek Jeter. But, he got Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira in succession. Alex Rodriguez's bloop into shallow left dropped after shortstop Elvis Andrus couldn't corral an over-the-shoulder basket catch.

That brought Cano to the plate with runners at first and second. Cano fouled two off as the count went to 1-2 on all fastballs. Ogando came right back with another heater and got Cano to chase one up high for strike three and to end the inning.