Nelson Cruz said fan touched his glove

NEW YORK -- Nelson Cruz said he was interfered with by fans in the right-field bleachers as he leaped to try to catch Robinson Cano's second-inning home run that bounced off the top of the wall and into the stands.

"I feel like one of the fans touched my glove, another one touched my arm, whatever," Cruz said.

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington trotted out to right feild to lobby umpire Jerry Reynolds, who signaled home run. After the game Reynolds told a pool reporter: "From the angle I had, I was very confident that the ball was in the stands."

"He asked me the same question, 'What did you have?'," Reynolds said of Washington's visit. "I said, 'Ron the ball was in the stands.'"

Cruz disagreed, but the play was not reviewed.

"They made the call," Cruz said, "and we got to stay with that call."

Two batters later, the umpires did go to replay on Lance Berkman's towering shot that sailed past the foul pole. Reynolds signaled fair ball, which again brought Washington out of the dugout. This time the umpiring crew conferred and went to the vivideo. After a brief delay -- the replay clearly showed Berkman's ball was in foul territory -- the call was reversed.