Elvis Andrus: 'I've got to be more careful'

NEW YORK -- There are times when it’s appropriate for the antlers to be put away.

One example is when a team trails by four runs with one out in the seventh inning and the MVP frontrunner comes up to the plate. Speedy Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus learned that lesson Wednesday afternoon.

Yankees reliever Kerry Wood picked Andrus off of second base with Josh Hamilton at the plate, essentially robbing the Rangers of a chance to put together a late rally. Andrus intended to run on the pitch, which he now realizes wasn’t a wise decision.

“I get too aggressive,” said Andrus, who has six stolen bases this postseason. “I can’t steal every base. Sometimes as a runner, you’ve got to slow down. You know they’re going to be worried. You know they’re going to do a lot of moves. It wasn’t a good time. Sometimes I’ve got to be a little more careful and slow down everything.”

There is a risk-reward element with Andrus’ running. He ranked ninth in the American League with 32 steals this season. He was caught stealing 15 times, which was the second most in the league.

Andrus improved in that area as the season progressed, but he’s still a work in progress.

“When his game is flowing, he thinks he’s invincible,” Ron Washington said. “Right there, we got 3-4-5 coming. You want to be very careful.

“Sometimes our game does that to us, but we are not going to stop playing it. We learn from that mistake and move on.”