World Series special for Chuck Morgan

ARLINGTON, Texas -- For so many longtime Ranger employees, this 2010 World Series is of particular significance. One of those is public address announcer Chuck Morgan, who has been with the Rangers 27 of the last 28 seasons and has never missed a home game. Here are some of Morgan's thoughts on hearing his voice over the PA system at a World Series:

Q: What was it like for you in Game 3, the first World Series game played in Arlington?

CM: I was in the fourth and fifth inning and still looking at the logos on the field and thinking, 'We're the only two teams playing.' It was hard to believe. I kept trying to pinch myself to see if it's actually happening. It's just a great experience. It's something you can look back on and say you've done it. Next year, when we do it again, we'll know how it works.

Q: What changes for you in doing your job at a World Series as opposed to a regular season game?

CM: You've got to watch what you do because you're on a worldwide stage. If you mess something up, it's going to be known by everybody. But not a whole lot changes. You have Fox here and they are telling me when to talk and do the lineups, but once the first pitch is thrown it's pretty much baseball.

Q: Did you get nervous during the introductions for Game 3 knowing that your voice was going out on national TV?

CM: It helped that I had done the All-Star Game here in 1995. I still had the butterflies. I still get them for a regular game. You want to represent the club well and do what's best for Major League Baseball. You're responsible for that memory, so you don't want to mess any of that up for the fans.

Q: Is there a difference in terms of the videoboards for a World Series game?

CM: Due to MLB sponsorships, we can't do some of the things we normally do. In fact, the dot race can't be sponsored by Ozarka and I had to change that out today. We still do the steal-a-base and we're able to do more Rangers videos with highlights and features. But we have a lot more commitments for MLB for their community stuff, so that changes a little bit.