BP: How the Rangers offense was acquired

Our friends at Baseball Prospectus did an in-depth look at how the Rangers were formed. Part I deals with the offense. BP notes the average salary per player was $1.9 million and that the average age of the club is 28.6, which is obviously young.

They look at each player by position. Some interesting comments from BP:

1B Mitch Moreland: Moreland had both good power (10 HRs in 272 PAs in his last season at Mississippi State) and a strong arm in college, which the Rangers actually tried in the ‘pen for a short period. He broke through the scouting reports they said he had a “limited ceiling,” advancing through five professional levels in three seasons. Moreland outplayed Chris Davis in 2010 and is now the starting first baseman for an AL championship club.

3B Michael Young: What’s so impressive about Young is his ability to play so consistently after being moved all around the Rangers infield in his career. Through both the bad and the good, Young has provided stability for the Texas franchise, and could be one of those rare cases in which a player spends his entire major-league career with one team. His numbers were down a bit in 2010 (.284 AVG compared to career .300 AVG), and those numbers are expected to continue to drop as he gets older. His value to the Rangers will depend on where he ends up playing next (possibly DH).

Check out the entire article here.