Lobby talk: Michael Young, Cliff Lee

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- It's Day 3 at the Winter Meetings and in past years that's been a big day. Will it be a big one here at Disney World?

A few things to keep an eye on:

* Michael Young's name has come up in trade conversations, including those with the Rockies. But a source said that it's very preliminary and the clubs have no framework of any deal. It's unclear whether they will revisit that or not. A couple of national writers tweeted that Young has been told he won't be traded. I haven't been able to confirm that (but I'm not sure why the Rangers would do that. They might as well listen to any and all offers, no matter the player's name). The Rockies are one of eight teams that Young can be traded to based on his no-trade list (which has 22 teams on it, but not all 30). Young would also qualify as a player with 10 years of service time and five with the same team early in 2011, so if the club wants to move him, now is the time to listen. I still don't see this happening. He's the face of the franchise and is still one of the better hitters in the league. And he's a big part of a winning clubhouse culture.

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Remember that the Rangers' philosophy is to listen to all offers. Club president Nolan Ryan talked about that yesterday and noted that the club would listen if a team came in asking about Neftali Feliz. That makes sense. Why shut the door on something when you don't even know where it might lead?

* Cliff Lee. All kinds of buzz last night in the lobby about him. We could be nearing the point where offers start to pop up, though as of early evening on Tuesday the Rangers had not made an offer. The Angels are in the fray, according to our colleague Jerry Crasnick. And other teams could jump in to, if you follow all the twitter activity. I can't see the Rangers offering seven years unless they've had a serious change of heart in the suite at the Dolphin Hotel in the last day or two. Could they go six? I guess we'll see. My gut tells me Lee won't get seven years, but my gut was certain Jayson Werth wouldn't get seven years either. So stay tuned.

* Chris Davis. His name keeps popping up in the lobby and that makes sense. But the Rangers won't simply give him away. He has power, but is trying to find the consistency against Major League pitching. He's also a very good defender. There's talk about the Cubs possibly dealing for Davis. They signed Carlos Pena (ESPNChicago.com), but there still could be interest in Davis for depth at first.

* DH. It's not a top priority at these meetings, but the Rangers need one. They've had conversations with Vladimir Guerrero's agent and are interested in Paul Konerko for the right deal. Konerko is a right-handed hitter who can play first, which is the type of combination the Rangers would prefer. But they aren't married to the idea that it has to be someone who can play first or even a right-handed hitter. As we noted yesterday on the blog, the club has also expressed interest in Jim Thome (among others). We'll see if there's any movement on the DH front.

* Pitchers. The club is always in the market and is looking at a variety of options. Check out some of those here. We'll see if there are some others that interest the club today.