Lobby talk: Wrapping up Day 3

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- We wondered this morning if Day 3 would be pretty active and it certainly was. Here's a quick recap of what happened in Rangersland on Wednesday and the chatter in the lobby and beyond:

* Nolan Ryan expects that to get Cliff Lee, the Rangers will have to agree to a six-year deal. And the club appears willing to do that. They have put the ball in Lee's court and asked his agent to tell them what it would take to get Lee to Texas. Click here to read all about that.

* I like this approach by the Rangers. They want to shorten the bidding process and firmly believe Lee wants to stay in Texas. So here is his chance to give them the framework of a deal to do that. Read some of my thoughts here.

* I looked up the top state income tax rate in New York and it's 8.97 percent. That's a lot of money Lee could save by going to Texas. And it means the Rangers' offer doesn't have to equal the exact same dollar amount to be a better one, either. Just a thought.

* But now that the Red Sox got Carl Crawford, you can bet the Yankees will step up for Lee now. That could make things more difficult on Texas. We'll see.

* GM Jon Daniels said the club is not in a rush to sign a designated hitter, even as some big bats come off the board. Paul Konerko agreed to a three-year deal with the White Sox.

"We liked the player, but we were never really engaged to the point where we thought it was realistic," Daniels said.

A baseball official told me the Rangers were interested, but couldn't commit to the dollars without knowing what was going on with Lee. That's another reminder of why this needs to get resolved so the club can move forward with its other offseason plans.

* The Rangers remain interested in Jim Thome, even though he's a left-handed hitter. They have looked at a gaggle of others, including Manny Ramirez and Marcus Thames. The Rangers did not attend a workout session for Magglio Ordonez and don't appear very interested at this point.

* Texas was interested in Carl Crawford, meeting with his representatives on Wednesday. But by late Wednesday night, Crawford was a Red Sox outfielder. So cross him off the list.

* The relief market has been slowed by teams waiting on Lee. So that's an area the Rangers are likely to address more in the coming weeks, assuming they'd like to bring some more depth to spring training there. But they are also pleased with their current bullpen, so that's not a high priority.

* The Rangers have checked into Brandon Webb and Jeff Francis and met with Andrew Miller and his representatives yesterday.

* Vladimir Guerrero continues to be the club's top option at DH. He wants a multi-year deal and the Rangers want a one-year deal. So something could be worked out if Guerrero can't find that multi-year deal he wants (and so far he hasn't). The Rangers did meet with his agents on Tuesday.

* Texas does have interest in Matt Garza, but I'm hearing right now the Rays are asking a high price, so nothing is likely to happen quickly on that front.

* The Rangers are also still checking in on Zack Greinke, though the Royals are also talking about many prime prospects. It's likely the Royals will wait until after Lee signs before getting serious.

* Buzz is that Texas could end up getting in on Carl Pavano, but I don't think the interest level is high on the Rangers part right now.

* Names to watch in the Rule-5 draft for Texas on Thursday: Kasey Kiker, Chad Tracy and Joseph Ortiz. Jason Cole has some other players to note in his report here on LoneStar Dugout. Check it out.

* Michael Young said he wants to be a Ranger, telling FoxSports.com: "I’m a Ranger. I have no interest in playing for a different organization. The idea of suiting up for a different team in spring training doesn’t appeal to me at all."

* Daniels said it's very unlikely the club would move Young. Here is what Daniels had to say on the topic.