ESPN Stats: Cliff Lee vs. AL West

As Cliff Lee continues to ponder where he will play baseball in the next six or seven seasons, ESPN Stats & Information put together some numbers of Lee against the AL West and the AL East. You can check out the full blog entry here. Here's part of Mark Simon's blog:

For his career, Lee is 14-15 with a 3.60 ERA in 39 regular season starts against the Yankees' AL East rivals-- the Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox. He's 22-8 with a 2.85 ERA in 37 starts against the Rangers' Al West rivals-- the Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners.

Keep in mind that if Lee stays in the AL West, he'd probably be making 10 to 12 starts against teams who finished 19th (Angels), 23rd (Athletics), and 30th (Mariners) in the majors in runs scored last season. If he jumps to the AL East, he's staring at three teams who were ranked in the top nine in the majors in runs scored.

Simon looked at things from an offseason perspective too. In terms of pickups, the AL West hasn't been quite as active as the AL East:

The AL West has done little to load up to pose a threat to the Rangers. The Angels haven't added a notable bat yet (though free agent Beltre may be in the mix). The Athletics top acquisition this offseason is David DeJesus. The Mariners, who play in the most pitcher-friendly stadium in the AL in Safeco Field don't exactly scare anyone with the pickups of Miguel Olivo and Jack Cust.

Anyway, I thought the numbers were interesting. I'm sure they don't play any part in the decision, but they are fun to look at.