Kristen Lee didn't like Dallas traffic, heat

As Philadelphia welcomed the Lees this week, the family discussed how they came to the decision to return to the Phillies.

Kristen Lee, an integral part of the decision, said she actually wrote a list of the pros and cons of each place. And what was on the "cons" list for Texas? Turns out the traffic and weather. Phil Sheridan, a columnist from the Philadelphia Inquirer, wrote a column about how Philadelphia has become more attractive to visitors. In the story, Kristen Lee talks about Texas. (It was written Thursday, but I didn't see it until now...my apologies).

"There's so many things that are so great," Kristen Lee said. "How easy it is to get from Point A to Point B. Even in Dallas, where we were staying, it was hard to get to the ballpark because of traffic. It was so hot in the summer. The food. The food is great. It's a fun city. If you want to go out and have fun for a few hours, you can do that. The cultural experiences for our kids. I just think it's easy to live here."

Well, it's not shocking that traffic and the heat would be things to go in the "negative" column when it comes to Texas, though you can't tell me that Philadelphia doesn't have any traffic issues (though I'm sure it's not as bad as here). As for the food in Philly, I can tell you I've had some fine meals during my stays there. But let's not undersell the good food we have here, either.

Anyway, the Lees made the decision they felt was best for their family. I give them credit for that. This wasn't just about baseball or money for Cliff. He wanted to go somewhere that everyone in his family would feel comfortable.

Again, you can click here to read the entire column.