Defensive runs saved and Adrian Beltre

The folks at ESPN Stats & Analysis took a look at the defensive runs saved and some other numbers in order to illustrate what Adrian Beltre at third base would mean to the overall Rangers defense should Texas sign the free agent third baseman. Here's a look:

Adrian Beltre vs. Michael Young

Among Third Basemen, 2010 Season

Defensive Runs Saved -- Beltre: +10, Young: -13

DRS rank -- Beltre: 7th, Young: 19th*

WAR -- Beltre: 7.1, Young: 2.3

WAR Rank -- Beltre: 2nd, Young: 14th

* Last among qualified 3B

So what does all of this mean? Well, assuming both players contribute roughly the same defensive performance as they did last season, the move from Young to Beltre -- on only the defensive side of the ball -- would result in approximately a 2-win increase.

Also, while the general assumption has been that Beltre has been a disappointment in non-contract years, that is only relatively true. Yes, his two best seasons by WAR have come prior to becoming a free agent (2004, 2010). But even in his "down" seasons, he's been decidedly better than Young, outpacing him in WAR in 4 of the last 5 seasons. (source: Fangraphs.com)