Details of Brandon Webb's contract

As first reported by T.R. Sullivan of MLB.com, the details of Brandon Webb's contract are now known (ESPN.com confirmed Monday evening):

* $150,000 for 100, 110 and 120 innings pitched

* $275,00 for 130 innings pitched

* $425,00 for 145, 160 and 175 innings pitched

* $500,000 for 180, 190, 200 and 210 inning pitched

Note: That's a total of $4 million if Webb pitches 210 innings.

* He also gets $333,333 at 120, 140 and 160 days on the roster

Note: That's a total of $1 million if he's on the active roster 160 days.

* Webb also gets bonuses for individual awards, including $100,000 for a Cy Young Award (wouldn't the club love to hand that money over to Webb?)

Webb has a base salary of $3 million. This guards the club against giving up too much guaranteed money. I like how the deal is structured. If Webb gives them 210 innings, he'll make a nice salary. But with the club's pitching depth (and ability to make trades during the season if necessary), if Webb pitches that many innings it means he's doing it pretty successfully. So this is really a low risk/high reward deal. Or at least more low risk than Rich Harden of a year ago.