Some Rangers fantasy sleeper picks

ESPN.com's fantasy draft kit is online and it includes a section on sleepers (and busts too). Here are some Rangers listed as sleepers:

Mike Napoli (from Matthew Berry): Questions about playing time and his batting average will keep his draft stock low, but despite always splitting time, Napoli has more home runs over the past three years than any other catcher. With Michael Young on the trade block, Mitch Moreland unproven, Adrian Beltre and others an injury risk, he'll get at least 400 at-bats. He got unlucky last year with the average (.279 BABIP last year, career .293) and should hit closer to the .273 he averaged in '08 and '09.

Mitch Moreland (from Jason Grey): Moreland should receive at least 450 at-bats, and can do some damage to the tune of 20-plus homers with a solid batting average to go with it. The bat is for real, and he has the potential to be a top-20 first baseman.

Here are some Rangers the ESPN.com fantasy group thinks others will overvalue on draft day:

Ian Kinsler (from Matthew Berry): It's always something with Kinsler. The health concerns are always there -- he has played more than 121 games only twice in five years -- and last year the power went away. The year before it was his average. He's more risky than Brandon Phillips, and yet he'll cost a lot more in the draft. Someone will reach for Kinsler based on name. Make sure it's not you.

Elvis Andrus (from Christopher Harris): Andrus isn't a guy I'd mind owning, but for where I have to take him? No thanks. Heck, 40 steals might be in play, and that's great, but I haven't seen anything else from the kid to indicate he's more than a one-category player, and you don't need to be taking one-category players in the eighth or ninth round. There's no power here, and nothing to indicate a high batting average is coming. If he's basically Rafael Furcal with less pop, well, I'll take Furcal six rounds later.

Nelson Cruz (from Brendan Roberts): Not that I don't respect what he's done, but I think he strikes out too much and has too much of a fly-ball swing to continue his .300 ways (the power is real). Plus, either he'll run less to protect his nagging leg injuries, or he'll miss time because of them.

You can read all the names here.