Holland's cause: Don't text while driving

SURPRISE, Ariz. – Rangers pitcher Derek Holland has vowed not to text and drive anymore. And he wants others to follow his lead.

Holland said it took a tragedy for him to realize how dangerous it is to not be fully focused on the road. One of Holland’s friends from home in Ohio, 23-year-old Kayla Layton, died from injuries sustained when she lost control of her truck. Holland said the crash was caused by Layton texting her boyfriend while driving.

“I was guilty of it too and I’m not doing it anymore,” Holland said. “No one should be. It means you aren’t paying attention to your driving. I just wish people would pull over to text or wait until they get home. ”

Holland has cautioned many of his teammates about texting while driving and wants to join some national campaigns, like the one run by Oprah Winfrey, about the issue.

“It’s too bad it took something like this to wake me up,” Holland said. “But I want to make sure others know what a problem it is.”