Chat replay: Roster decisions, rotation

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- ESPNDallas.com Rangers writer Richard Durrett talked with fans earlier today aobut the club.

Some of your questions:

Josh (Belton, Texas ): I know the Rangers don't want to use Hamilton in center but their best line-up is obviously with Hamilton in center and Murphy in left. Why won't they just admit Borbon is close but not ready?

RD: They are sorting through that. But they want to give Borbon a chance. He has the tools to do it and they do feel the wear and tear on Hamilton's body is better in left without as much ground to cover. But if Borbon doesn't get the job done, you'll see Hamilton in center with Murphy in left and Cruz in right. It's another reason they are giving Murphy some time in center. If he can spell Hamilton some out there (if Borbon is in the minors, for instance) that would help.

Mike (Florida): How do you think the bullpen will shape out?? I know we seem to have depth in the rotation but seems like the bullpen not only has issues but that we may be stuck with them. Your thoughts?

RD: I'm really tempted to put Pedro Strop on that roster with Brett Tomko as the long reliever. But Dave Bush is also in the running there and Mark Lowe has some big outings coming up that could change things. As I put on the blog today, Lowe is working on a curve. I'm interested to see how that looks tonight.

You can read the whole chat here.