Borbon error doesn't bother Washington

ARLINGTON, Texas -- There was much debate as to who should play in center field.

Keep Josh Hamilton in center or move Julio Borbon there. Maybe move David Murphy there. Well, the Rangers moved Hamilton out of center in spring training for Borbon, who struggled somewhat.

On Opening Day, it seemed the decision didn't quite work out.

In the first inning, Borbon was charged with an error for bumping into right fielder Nelson Cruz on a routine fly ball on the first batter of the game.

"I called him off and waved my arms," Cruz said after the Rangers' 9-5 victory. "He just ran into me, and I didn't feel him until the last minute."

Borbon wasn't available for comment after the game, but manager Ron Washington said Borbon was too aggressive on the play.

"It was a very aggressive play on Borbon's part," Washington said. "Cruz was camped. [Borbon] went from left center to right center and was just too aggressive. It didn’t bother us. We gathered ourselves and kept playing baseball."

When asked is Borbon still his center fielder -- after just one game -- Washington said, "I'm still dug in."