Rangers' first pick is No. 33 in 2011 draft

NEW YORK -- Major League Baseball released the official order of picks for the 2011 draft on Thursday.

The Rangers lost two draft picks to Boston for signing free agent Adrian Beltre, but gained two from the Phillies because Philadelphia signed Cliff Lee. Both were Type A free agents.

So Texas has the No. 33 pick of the draft and the No. 37 in the compensation round. (They gave up Nos. 26 and 40 to the Red Sox). The Padres get the No. 54 pick for the signing of Yorvit Torrealba (Type B).

The draft begins Monday, June 6, at 5 p.m. Dallas time (MLB Network will have the picks in the first round and compensation round, so both Rangers picks in that round will be shown) and continues for the next two days.