From the radio booth: Beltre takes a knee

To appreciate this blog post to its fullest, I suggest you take a knee. It’s the right thing to do because this portion of the Texas Rangers blog is about third baseman Adrian Beltre, who commonly is seen dropping to a knee when he’s inside the batter’s box. Do you ever wonder what he is thinking every time he drops to a knee on a swing?

“I look like an idiot,” deadpanned Beltre on a recent Warm-up Show on Rangers Baseball Tonight heard at 103.3 FM ESPN. His teammates who were within earshot laughed at that remark, and then he chuckled, too.

“That’s exactly what goes through my mind is why am I doing this? It’s something I don’t know exactly why it happens. It’s something I don’t want to do, but it just happens. For the most part, it happens on the breaking ball. Most of the time, I do pretty good doing that. So, hopefully it keeps happening.”

Beltre said that before Saturday night’s game. On Sunday, he took a knee for his Rangers-leading seventh home run of the season. The pitch was a 77 mph changeup from lefty Bruce Chen. Beltre has hit a home run in four of the last seven games, and he has hit one in three of the six games on the current homestand.

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