Caple: 'Grumpy Old Men' key to 'pen

ARLINGTON, Texas -- ESPN.com's Jim Caple wrote about left-handed 40-something relievers Darren Oliver and Arthur Rhodes and what they've done in Texas. Part of that story:

Darren Oliver has pitched in the majors long enough to remember when players had roommates, to see a former teammate become his team's owner and to pitch in a World Series game in Texas. But there is one thing neither he nor teammate Arthur Rhodes had ever seen before this season: Two 40-something left-handed African-American pitchers in the same bullpen. As Texas starter C.J. Wilson observed, "That's kind of a rare demographic."

"You'll never see this again," Oliver said. "You'll never see two old black left-handed relievers in the game again, let alone on the same pitching staff. … I don't think it will happen again in our lifetimes. There are probably some old Negro Leaguers happy and looking down on us and smiling, I can tell you that much."

It's a great story. Check it out here.