Hamilton, Cruz feel good in rehab game

FRISCO, Texas -- Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton got a full day's work in on Wednesday. He took batting practice, hit a home run, legged out an infield single and signed autographs for 30 minutes after the game.

He was the designated hitter and ended up 2-for-4. He was pleased with his timing.

"Overall, the timing felt good," Hamilton said. "There were a lot of different places it could have been. I'm glad it's where it is. It's more than a starting point. I feel good."

Hamilton's home run came on a two-seam fastball away from Midland starter Shawn Haviland. He hit a changeup to short to leg out the infield hit. Hamilton saw just seven pitches, but had a productive day.

Hamilton said his back and feet were sore just from standing around in his cleats for an extended period of time, something he hadn't done in more than a month.

"It doesn't matter what you do as far as getting in shape, you have to get used to standing around in them again," Hamilton said.

Nelson Cruz was 0-for-4, but said his right quad muscle felt fine. He played right field for the first time during his rehab assignment and was able to run at some balls and get a feel for being in the outfield during a game again. He is 2-for-11 in his three rehab games. He'll play right field again Thursday.