Rangers excited about Mavericks' success

ARLINGTON, Texas -- As soon as the Dallas Mavericks finished off Michael Young's Los Angeles Lakers, the Rangers' leader became a Mavericks fan.

"I hope they go all the way," Young said.

Young is a big NBA fan and, like many fans around the country, wants to see Dallas play Miami in a repeat of the 2006 NBA Finals and put Dirk Nowitzki on the same stage as the trio for the Heat.

"I think that series would go seven," Young said.

David Murphy has also been caught up in the excitement.

"It’s fun to watch them," Murphy said. "It’s fun to watch a guy like Dirk. I mean he’s as good as it gets to be a big man and to be able to have the type of touch that he does."

Murphy grew up in Houston and remembers pulling for the Rockets and getting caught up in the fun of "Clutch City" in 1994 and 1995.

"It’s fun when the teams around us in the area are playing well," Murphy said. "It’s always fun to support them, especially since they supported us last year."