Washington talks pen, CF with Ben & Skin

Rangers manager Ron Washington made his weekly appearance with Ben & Skin on 103.3 FM ESPN on Wednesday. We'll throw the entire podcast up later, but a few quick thoughts from Washington.

On not having Neftali Feliz warming up soon enough last night: "[Arthur Rhodes] did his job. That was a play that Elvis, if it goes up like that 100 more times he'd catch it 100 more times and he didn't get it done (bloop single to left by Johnny Damon that Andrus couldn't quite get). I should have had both Arthur and the team protected by having somebody behind him in case he didn't get Johnny Damon out. I reacted to it a little too late and I couldn't get Feliz ready in time for Longoria. Nowhere in my mind did I think it would be a two-run home run. When it was over, I felt like I let the guys down and I just took the blame."

On what happens in center field when Julio Borbon returns: "We want to make sure Borbon is good and healthy. Chavez is not a guy we're looking at to be out there every day. He's getting back from a leg injury and I think the fresher he is the better he'll continue to perform. We're goint to use him as we can how he can fit us moving forward. As far as where Borbon is going to fit, we haven't sat down and talked about that. The first thing is we want to make sure he's healthy. Once we know he's healthy, we'll decide what we'll do there. Before he left, he was starting to perform the way we knew he was capable of performing."

Washington said Borbon will get an off day from a rehab game today "to rest the leg" and then get another three or four games in before the team returns home and can figure out what they want to do.

More from Washington a little later on the podcast.