Thad Bosley respects Rangers' decision

Rangers hitting coach Thad Bosley said Thursday that he didn't want to comment on what some of the players said Wednesday about the communication issues. The coach said he understands the club decided to move on.

"At the end of the day, they made a decision they felt was best for the team to try to go forward and win a World Series and I respect that," Bosley said. "I don't have to agree with it, but I respect it."

Bosley said he has the "utmost respect" for the Rangers' front office, and cited CEO Nolan Ryan, GM Jon Daniels, assistant GM Thad Levine, senior special assistant to the GM Don Welke and manager Ron Washington by name.

Bosley knew when he was hired that it was going to take some time to understand the Rangers' hitters and for the players to be comfortable with him. That didn't happen quick enough for the club to continue with Bosley as the hitting coach, leading to Wednesday's decision. Daniels said on Wednesday that "the fit wasn't right."

"You’re not going to walk in the room of the Texas Rangers and be the third hitting coach in three years and everything you bring in is going to be, ‘Hey, that’s great. We got it. Let's go,'" Bosley said. "It takes times. You have to build that relationship."

Bosley isn't sure what he'll end up doing, but would like to stay in baseball.

The bottom line, as we've talked about on the blog and in the chats, is that Bosley's personality just didn't mesh with the club. There's a certain vibe to the clubhouse and it takes a coach that can get through to players either by using that same vibe or very tactfully and subtly altering that vibe so everyone is on board. Clint Hurdle and his dynamic personality did that. Bosley wasn't able to follow him with this particular club.