Rangers excited, motivated by Mavs

NEW YORK -- The Rangers' charter landed in New York (from Minnesota) in time for the team to see at least all of the fourth quarter of the Mavericks' Game 6 clincher over the Heat to win the NBA championship.

Players had rooted on the Mavericks during the playoff run, wearing Mavs T-shirts and making sure the games were on in the clubhouse following games.

"They won a championship and there's nothing more you can do, so that's pretty cool," second baseman Ian Kinsler said.

While making it to the World Series and losing is plenty of motivation for the Rangers to get back and win it this year, they can also use the Mavericks' success as motivation too.

"We want to continue this trend," Kinsler said. "We want to continue what we started. We started something and we got close, but we didn't accomplish the last part of our goal. We accomplished a lot of first for this club, but we still have something left. To see those guys bring home a trophy and bring it to Dallas is pretty cool. We definitely want to finish what we started."

Michael Young watched the end of the game and cheered like any Dallas fan would. The team leader is a Lakers fan first and foremost, but his long stay in Dallas has made the Mavericks his second favorite team.

"I'm a Laker fan for the same reason a lot of people are Mavs fans -- that's where I grew up," Young said. "That's the team I saw as a kid. The Lakers in the 1980s is why I'm a basketball fan now. But saying that, I've been in Dallas a long time now and I've grown to like all of our local teams.

"I love the Cowboys and want the Stars and Mavericks to do well. As a player, I know how difficult it is to get to that last level and to see them push through and see them win it all is rewarding for them and rewarding for us fans too."

Young wore his Dirk Nowitzki blue T-shirt during early batting practice on Tuesday as a tribute to the Mavs.