Josh Hamilton considering HR Derby


ARLINGTON, Texas -- Memo to David Ortiz: If you want Josh Hamilton to hit for the American League in the Home Run Derby, give him a call. He sounds like he's interested.

Hamilton, who said a few weeks ago that he wasn't going to do the Home Run Derby, said Sunday that he'd consider participating now that he's seen the new team format.

"I'd definitely consider it," Hamilton said. "I'm not saying for sure I'd do it, but it would be a fun thing to take part in the first one like that ever with the guys that would be there with you doing it."

Hamilton joked that he'd see what kind of case Ortiz made on the phone if he calls. Ortiz said Sunday he's considering Hamilton along with Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano to join Jose Bautista and Adrian Gonzalez.

"The stress is not there like it would be as an individual thing," Hamilton said. "You can go out and take easy swings and not try to kill every ball. You got guys backing you up. It's an interesting and fun situation, so I'm excited about it."

Hamilton hasn't participated in the Home Run Derby since 2008, when he had his memorable performance at Yankee Stadium. Hamilton hit a record 28 home runs in the first round of the competition, including 13 in a row, but lost to Justin Morneau in the finals.