Rangers BBTN: Mitch Moreland

Last night stands out for Mitch Moreland for a couple reasons. He recorded his first career sacrifice bunt in the memorable ninth inning, and he had his first multi-hit game since July 7.

Moreland was a guest on “Rangers Baseball Tonight” preceding Sunday night’s game against the Blue Jays. He made the sac bunt seem like an everyday occurrence, and in a way it is…just not in a game.

“I try to practice everything. We do bunting every day whether it’s two or four in [batting practice], we’ll try to get some bunts in to keep it fresh or not make it feel too strange when we get up there and the situation calls for it we’ll be ready for it. We’ve had early bunting and we practice it a bit every day. So I was ready for it when it came around.”

Moreland is grinding through the ups and downs of his first full major league season. He entered Sunday night’s game with a five-game hitting streak (6-for-20), but he is hitting just .195 over his last 22 games, dipping his batting average from .299 to .266.

In a Rangers BBTN interview earlier this season, third baseman Adrian Beltre noticed Moreland enduring the growing pains of MLB just like he did at a young age. The all-star has helped Moreland battle through the tougher times of the season.

“I am hard on myself. If I’m not hitting or doing something right, then I’m going to beat it into the ground until I fix it,” said Moreland. “He’s told me sometimes you’ve got to relax and take it a day at a time and it will work itself out. He’s been good for me.”

You can hear Moreland talk about Beltre, bunting, hitting coach Scott Coolbaugh and more in the podcast of that interview.

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