Rangers replacing the claw?

DETROIT -- No doubt, many of you have noticed the Rangers haven't been using the claw the past few games. But what exactly is that they're doing?

It looks almost like something out of the movie Dodgeball, with hand gestures like a cobra (though there's no hissing involved). The players aren't ready to talk about it. At least not yet. Several of them said they want to see if it sticks before getting into exactly what it is or what it means.

But when I brought up the fact that it looked like a snake, that got a big laugh from catcher Mike Napoli and several other players nearby his locker.

"That's not it," Napoli said. "We're not ready to talk about it yet. Let's see what happens."

Several players did mention that they've noticed other teams using the claw and feel like 2011 is a different team that should create its own identity (I certainly agree with that).

So what do you think it is they are doing? Give me some guesses and I'll ask some of the players and see if they'll reveal what it is.