Are Michael Young's stats MVP-worthy?

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- After yet another night of clutch hits, big RBIs and a 3-for-4 night, we discussed in our in-game chat (click here for a replay and join us tonight during the Rangers-Angels game) whether Michael Young should get some consideration for AL MVP.

Yes, some will note that Young may not be the MVP on his own team. Ian Kinsler's defensive numbers certainly give him some consideration, as do a few other Rangers. But Young carried this team offensively with Josh Hamilton out of the lineup (and Nelson Cruz was out for part of that time too) and he continues to hit the ball at an amazingly consistent level.

Young, by the way, doesn't even want to talk about it.

"I want to win and as a competitive I want to be as productive as I possibly can," Young said. "But my goals start and end with team. As a player, I expect a lot out of myself and I expect to go out there and play at a high level."

Joshua Parcell at ESPN Stats & Information was kind enough to look up some of Young's numbers. Are they good enough to beat out Adrian Gonzalez, Justin Verlander or Curtis Granderson? No. But are they good enough to at least put Young in the discussion and have his name appear on ballots in the top-10? Yes. Take a look:

Entering Tuesday's game:

.336 Batting Avg (second in the AL)

.377 average with runners in scoring position (T-3)

35 Doubles (5)

.374 OBP (14)

162 hits (2)

82 RBIs (T-5)

Elias Sports Bureau has a stat called "late-inning pressure." The definition is: 7th inning or later AND

(1) game tied; or

(2) team-at-bat trailing by 1, 2 or 3 runs; or

(3) team-at-bat trailing by 4 runs with 2+ runners on base

Under those circumstances, Young is batting .380 with 2 HR and 10 RBI in 50 at-bats. You can't rank players in such circumstances.

Put all those numbers together, plus what Young has meant to this team when they've needed him most -- one of the key definitions of MVP -- and he deserves some consideration, don't you think?