Adrian Beltre closes in on 2,000 hits

BOSTON -- Adrian Beltre shrugged when asked about what 2,000 hits might mean to him. The Rangers third baseman sits at 1,999 and can get No. 2,000 in the park that he called home in 2010 with a hit today.

"I'm not a numbers guy," Beltre said. "I knew I was close, but didn't know it was this close."

But Beltre did say he'd make sure someone kept the ball from the milestone hit. And after chatting about it for a while, he did concede it was a worthy mark.

"It definitely means I've been in the game a while," Beltre said. "If you told me I'd have 2,000 hits, I would not have thought that. It would be a nice accomplishment."

Beltre will be the 266th player to get 2,000 hits and the 21st active player. Six players have joined the 2,000-hit club this season, including Michael Young on Aug. 7. The last team to have two players recording 2,000 hits in the same season was the New York Yankees in 2006 (Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez).