Rangers hold fantasy FB draft on plane

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Rangers players spent the past few days chatting about fantasy football and held their draft on the charter flight from Boston to Tampa last night.

"It took the whole flight," said Mitch Moreland, who has a team with Mike Napoli. "It was fun. Guys were rolling through the picks."

Conor Brooks, Rangers' assistant advance scout, and Josh Frasier, the bullpen catcher, set up a big draft board and helped keep everyone organized.

Moreland, whose team drafted Jamaal Charles with the fourth overall pick, said he didn't think any of the teams in the league really stood out.

"It should be competitive," Moreland said.

Michael Young, a longtime participant, was pleased with his team. He drafted LeSean McCoy with the No. 8 pick and also managed to get Felix Jones and Reggie Wayne (grabbing Wayne in the fourth round in a 12-team league, in fact).

In past seasons, when the Rangers were out of contention, players would bring jerseys of their favorite players and really get into it. Such is life when you're not the division leader. Now, they've had their draft, they'll keep track of the results, but baseball takes center stage. Still, it's a fun diversion for a plane flight and a way to pass the time as the season grinds on.

"It's a fun deal," Moreland said. "We'll see how it goes."