Michael Young's double keys 5-run fifth

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Michael Young understood Cleveland manger Manny Acta’s move perfectly.

“You’ve got one of the best hitters in the league at the plate, a sinkerball pitcher on the mound and a right-handed hitter on deck,’’ Young said. “That’s just good baseball. I wasn’t insulted or anything.’’

The Indians, leading 1-0 with one out in the fifth and Rangers at second and third, intentionally walked Josh Hamilton to face Young.

Texas' veteran designated hitter made the Indians pay.

“I was just trying get something to the outfield and get a run in,’’ Young said.

Young drove a three-run double to left field to increase Texas’ lead to 4-0.

Washington said any manager would probably walk Hamilton to get to Young in the same spot. But the Rangers are in a good groove at the plate.

“We have a talented offense,’’ Young said. “We’re not trying to do too much and we’re feeding off each other.’’

Three RBIs on one swing give Young 101 for the season. His personal high is 103 in 2006.

“Michael -- what a year he’s having,’’ Washington said. “No matter where I put him in the lineup, he doesn’t change his approach or style. All he does is help us win ball games.’’

The RBI total is just a number to Young.

“It doesn’t mean that much to me right now,’’ Young said. “After the season, I’ll think about it.’’