Rangers BBTN: Gary Pettis

When you think about Comerica Park in Detroit, the ballpark’s dimensions probably come to mind. It's 420 feet to straightaway center and 345 feet down the left-field line.

Rangers coach Gary Pettis, who coaches the outfielders and baserunners, was a guest on Rangers Baseball Tonight on the Texas Rangers ESPN Radio Network and he discussed the park and the Tigers' Game 3 starter, Doug Fister, who is a tough pitcher to steal against.

Endy Chavez, who is starting in left field, could factor in both areas. He is a threat to steal and will need to cover ground in the spacious ballpark. During the regular season, Chavez hit .301 in 83 games played. In 137 total chances in the field, Chavez made just one error and had three assists.

“He’s just a consistent ballplayer," Pettis said. "He understands the angles and what he should do if the ball is hit in his direction. He knows exactly where he should throw it, and he’s an accurate thrower.”

In Fister’s 71 career outings, he has allowed just six stolen bases.

“He’s probably one of the fastest guys to home plate in the league, so that poses a different challenge for us. Stolen bases may not come so easily,” Pettis said. “We can do other things. We can play hit-and-run, can try to advance on balls in the dirt, we can go first to third…We just have to do those other things to put ourselves into scoring position.”

Pettis talked more about Chavez, Comerica Park, his playing days as a Detroit Tiger and more. Listen to the podcast.

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