Key stat: Kinsler sees 3.94 pitches per AB

Ian Kinsler ranked 22nd in the AL in pitches seen per at-bat with a team-high 3.94 per game.

He has no intention of changing his approach just because the Rangers are facing an opponent they haven't played in years. Traditionally, part of the leadoff hitter's job is to give his teammates a good look at what the opposing pitcher is throwing, so they can have a better idea when they get to the plate.

New York's Curtis Granderson saw a league-high 4.44 pitches per at-bat.

Kinsler has done a good job of working the counts in his favor during the playoffs, but he remains an aggressive hitter - and if he likes Chris Carpenter's first pitch, then he's going to swing at it.

"You just want to swing at good pitches," Kinsler said. "The first go-around, the most important thing is to see what off-speed pitch he throws first because he's not a guy we've seen much of and you want to know what he's feeling confident about. The more pitches you see the better, but you still have to stay aggressive."

Here the Rangers who saw the most pitches per at-bat this season: Nelson Cruz (3.85), Elvis Andrus (3.73), Adrian Beltre (3.67), Michael Young (3.60) and Josh Hamilton (3.58).